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Photography is by far my favorite art form. I’ve always loved having images around me. I covered my room growing up in photographs torn from magazines. I’d spend hours updating my closet or my door with my favorite new pictures. I remember an entire closet side being devoted to Josh Hartnett. I had a collage around my full length mirror of all black and white photos of celebs. The best being Britney Spears surrounded by young boy ballet dancers, and Tara Reid baring a serious face, and serious belly. My folders were always the plastic slip cover kind so I could slide in my picture du jour. I carried around Channing Tatum in a Nautica ad for most of my junior year. I took pictures of all my friends, and cut them up and taped them inside my make-up case I’d use for shows and dance competitions. Today I still am constantly taking pictures. It is a hard balance for me, I want to always be taking pictures but I also want to live in the moment and not be a bother. I sometimes wish I were bold enough to bring out my nice Canon Rebel T2i and make my friends deal with it! I notice when I hold back is when my pictures aren’t that great (view HPBC as a perfect example). In junior high I was on the year book committee and took lots of pictures and learned my first lesson in layout design (all done by hand on big sheets of paper with little boxes), then I took photography at my art high school and learned how to develop my own film. I also was on yearbook again junior year of high school and learned digial layout on one of those old colorful chunky desktop apple computers. In college I took Journalism 3 – Photojournalism and learned the first rules of Photoshop! Photographs, to me, serve as a memory marker, with all the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s life!

I discovered Hugh Holland recently and am obsessed with his photos from 1975-1978 of the skateboarders of Southern California. If I were rich and had one of those amazing houses with a huge living room, sky high white ceilings, cool minimal, natural wood furniture, I would take one of these images and blow it up to place on a huge wall with nothing else. Something to strive for. Plus, a few of these images were taken at Balboa and Huntington Beach, the beaches I grew up on.


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  1. Thank you for a very nice article!

    Hugh Holland


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