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My week in Cape Cod was incredible. Here is a list of some of the great things that happened over the week

  • I swam on several different beaches (South Beach – only accessible by boat, Lighthouse Beach and Nauset)
  • I attempted to get tan and turn my hair blonder (I think it worked a little?)
  • I stayed up late every night watching the Olympics and Dance Moms with “the kids”
  • I went to the Squire with “the adults” (three times)
  • I tweeted “there is nothing like the Chatham Squire” and have never received so many retweets with and without comments from anything else in my life
  • I ate tons of seafood – including Liam’s at Nauset, fried scallops, bluefish tacos, raw bar, quahogs and more
  • I ate one giant lobster
  • I drank cucumber vodka and lemonades at dinner, and about a million “drunken bluefish” aka blueberry vodka and pink lemonade at the ball
  • I danced at the Hooker’s Ball – a fundraiser to support the local fishing community and the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association – and took a million photos in the photo booth
  • I ate a giant loaf of bread covered in chocolate at Hangar B, watched the tiny planes take off, and played on the creepy playground afterwards
  • I watched Taylor and Caley win their soccer tournament
  • I ate at Guapos! Delicious mexican food on the cape? what is this??
  • I watched Caley win the ladies singles tennis tournament (after Taylor dropped out of laziness!!)
  • I laid out at Wequassett and drank a Mud Slide and ate fish tacos pool side
  • Played ping pong
  • I was constantly referred to as “the cousins” by my cousin’s cousins and all their friends”oh one of the cousins can drive us home” “oh the cousins can drive the jeep if they want” “oh the cousins want ice cream”. Spending the week with a lot of teenagers is fun, and draining and I now understand the meaning of carpool
  • I watched the Chatham Anglers beat Orleans! Definitely a Bryce Harper wannabe out in right field.

Most importantly

  • I enjoyed every second with my amazing family!!! Just relaxing, talking, laying on each others beach towels, waking them up in the morning, going shopping, taking trips to fro-yo, dancing, singing, and everything else! My weeks in the cape are truly some of the best times of my life!

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  1. Sounds so fun!! You ticked off all the major to-dos (like seafood, yum). Dance Moms and Fro-Yo are two of my guilty pleasures so I loved seeing those on your list! Brings me back to my last trip to the Cape..


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