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USA Women’s Gymnastics

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“Holy Hell. Did you see that?!?” – me, after Mckayla Maroney’s vault.

“Come on Gabby….Come on Gabby” – Anthony, during Gabby Douglas’ uneven bars.

Watching the USA Women’s Gymnastics team last name was insane. Now that was an Olympic event. I really understood  how good each of these gymnasts are. This was a drastic difference from the event on Sunday night that left everyone stepping out of bounds, landing awkwardly and leaving the arena in tears. Jordan Wieber’s floor routine was electric, and her smile and joy throughout the routine elevated it to that next level. She knew she nailed it, and you can’t hide that kind of emotion.  While I’ll never really understand the gymnast hair style or the way they turn without spotting, I still love every second of watching gymnastics during the games.


  • Seriously check out this site all about Mckayla’s vault. It is incredible.
  • Jordan Wieber’s floor routine
  • Gabby Douglas on the uneven bars
  • Aly Raisman’s tears when she knew she had won the gold before even finishing her routine
  • Kyla Ross on the balance beam

What a team! Next up – the individual competition tomorrow!




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