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Olive Garden!

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For my birthday I received a gift card to the Olive Garden. I cannot remember the last time I was at an Olive Garden, so this was a nice surprise. Last night, Anthony and I decided to drive out to Tyson’s Corner to check out the mall again, including the Nordstrom’s sale, and then have dinner at The Garden. My gift card was $25, and wouldn’t you know they had a 2 for $25 meal deal. We had our choice of two appetizers, two entrees plus unlimited bread sticks and soup or salad. Can’t get much better than that. We shared fried mozzarella and toasted ravioli. I had the classic fettuccine Alfredo, while Anthony had the spaghetti with four cheese meat sauce and meatballs. That on top of a few bread sticks and a giant plate of salad we were stuffed! I totally forgot about the mint chocolate square you get at the end with your bill. What a treat! All of that for the price of one gift card. I grew up a chain restaurant girl, but living in San Francisco and now DC for the last 9 years there are always a lot of other delicious options. However, it is nice to visit my roots every once in awhile.


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