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Weekend Recap – Last of July!

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This summer is officially going by too fast. I’m really not ready for it to be over and to take on all my fall responsibilities yet! This was another awesome, full of summer activities weekend. To recap…

Friday – Went out to Biergarten Haus to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Watching big events in public is always great. I love seeing other people’s reactions. We sat next to a group of Deaf adults who were thrilled at the Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children singing and signing God Save the Queen. There was a collective cat calling at David Beckham as he directed a speedboat carrying the Olympic Torch to the stadium. I loved seeing Kate, Will and the Queen! I thought the bit with James Bond was awesome. Overall it was maybe a bit odd, but I liked it.

Saturday – I played for Anthony’s summer league again. I was told only as a sub, but all their girls bailed and I ended up playing around 40 mins of a 50 min game. I actually really like the small field. The team we were playing is at the bottom of the standings so I knew it wouldn’t be too difficult a game. It gave me a chance to work with the ball instead of just trying to give it away as soon as possible. We won 5-0! Woohoo!
Afterwards, I headed to the CB Pool for a pool party and BBQ before attending the DC United vs Paris Saint-Germain game. While there was a rain delay in the middle of the first half, it was still awesome and they ended up tying 1-1. Court and I went back to my house to watch all the prime time Olympics. After a day of running around in 100 degree weather, beer and thousands of chips from the BBQ I had a fun migraine to deal with before bed. But I got over it and rallied because…

SundayHPBC at all you can eat and drink brunch at Masa 14! This was a reservation worth waiting for. This is tapas style, Latin-Asian fusion restaurant. Five of us girls ate most everything on the menu. Our waitress was great, our glasses were never empty, and the food kept coming. I started with a Bacon Bloody Mary (apparently bacon infused whiskey!…not a strip of bacon that I could eat sadly). I was ready to switch to the Masa Mimosas (blood orange, mango puree, champagne) when the waitress waltzed up with a new huge Bacon Bloody Mary. She told me, keep this and I’ll still bring you that other drink. We ate so much including the Breakfast Pizza; Wild Mushroom Flatbread; Spiced Tuna Steak Salad; Chilaquiles; Adobo-Marinated Skirt Steak; Bahn Mi Burger; Wagyu Beef & Pork Meatballs; Bacon Fried Rice  and Fried Yucca…and more! We even got a few of these items twice. It was a brunch to remember.
After, I spent a few hours recouping on the couch and watching the Olympics. Anthony then persuaded me  to get off the couch with a dinner and movie date in Cleveland Park. We saw Batman at the Uptown theater. It is a single-screen theater, complete with balcony. The movie was ahhhmazing. JGL, Anne, Christian…le sigh. I’m only sad this is the last in the franchise. I can’t stop thinking about it. While it was long – three hours in the theater including previews – it never felt drawn out.

I am counting down the minutes until I can leave for Cape Cod on Friday!! Days in the Cape are some of the best of the year. More on that later!

Here are a couple phone photos from the game Saturday night. Look at how friendly the PSG teammates are! I hate blurry photos, but the content is too good not to share. Gotta love the French!


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