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Today is the official day. I’m so excited for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight. I’ve heard all of the rumors on Danny Boyle’s visions for the ceremony- including a Mary Poppins vanishing Lord Voldemort, uh yes! And other British characters we all know and love. Which, I’m hoping means Alice as well! I’ve already watched a few soccer games – one while in the dentist chair yesterday. Best dentist ever obviously. And today I watched the swim team do their own cover of Call Me Maybe. So I’m well prepped to dive in head first into the next two weeks.

I’m excited for swimming, gymnastics, soccer, diving, track and anything else that pops up on my TV…which I will have to keep on until August 12 so I don’t miss a thing. I was lucky enough to be studying abroad in Italy during the winter Olympics in Torino, and saw a hockey game! I’m hoping with these Olympics I will get to know my -soon to be living in- city a little better. Gosh, I love the Olympics.


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