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I have never been a big online shopper. I find it hard to spend money on myself in general, but especially while online. It is a treat going into stores, seeing how outfits are put together, talking to sales people, and most importantly….trying things on! No matter if I know what size I am in each store, I find that I still have to try things on to see if I like the way they look on me. I’ve seen many cute dresses online at Anthro, only to find that the cut is weird, or it’s too sheer, or hits my leg at a weird place, or is impossible to wear with a bra, etc etc etc. I also have never lived far from a good mall/shopping district, so I’m always able to get to the stores I want to go to. I even make a stop at Sephora to replace my Diorshow mascara I’ve been using for years (and keeping that eCommerce website up to date was my whole job for almost 2 years!–haha, oh well!). I know that will be the same whether it comes in the mail or picked up personally, but I still feel compelled to do it in person. I also know there are certain online stores that don’t have brick and mortar locations, but I have heard horror stories from friends whose online shopping experiences have turned sour!

But that all being said, I did shop online for the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, and my first item arrived last night! I was excited to have a box sitting outside my door, it was like Christmas! I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know exactly when. My neighbors are constantly receiving packages – I’m pretty sure the guy across the hall never leaves and only online shops because he get’s practically a package a day. I carried the heavy box up the stairs to my room, trying to guess which of the four items it was. I was thrilled to see my new London Fog trench! It even came in a hanger! Which is awesome. I tried it on and it fit perfectly, and I didn’t realize how warm it would be. It has the extra lining inside that you can unzip and remove when the weather is warm. Trying on this coat, I had the feeling that London is going to be awesome. I now have the perfect coat to get me through all the rainy days. I have three more items to come, so I’m hoping I’m as pleased as I was with this one.  That being said, I am disappointed in the fact that they don’t wait to ship the items together. I think there should be an option for that, I’m in no rush to wear my trench…and won’t be for some months. I could have waited to receive it with the others so that it could cut down on those resources (boxes, tissue, tape, etc) and be more green! Even at stores I shop at I opt for no tissue paper and often times bring my own bag. I hate wasting, and when I get home the bags end up in a pile of …yeah I can reuse this one day, but when really will that be? Plus even though it is free shipping for me it is not for them. It would benefit me, them, and the Earth. Win, win, win.


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