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One of my requirements for my graduate program is an internship this fall semester. I was incredibly nervous that I was going to have a hard time finding one, because of all the competition in DC. The process for applying was almost as intense as the application process for graduate school. I made an excel sheet of all the museums and historic sites in and around DC. I searched their sites for internships and made a chart of web links, deadlines, departments, materials for application etc etc. The Smithsonian museums were at the top of my list and had strict July 1 deadline. Each museum and office had a list of criteria to complete. This included an online application, essay, cover letter, resume, writing samples and two letters of recommendations. The letters of recommendation were the worst part, because I had to bug the people that wrote my letters for school to do it all over again. This was especially annoying to ask my old college professor who was on vacation in Hawaii (see evidence of how cool he is here). But in the end, everything was completed and sent in on time.

Step one was complete. Step two…the interviews! I was excited and very nervous. I met wonderful people and wish I had time to hop from internship to internship. I was shocked when each place said, it is yours if you want it. In the end I have decided to go with my head, and my heart and come this fall I will be an intern at the National Museum of American History! My knowledge from volunteering will help me with my work behind the scenes. I’m relieved that not only the process is complete, but also that I am going to be interning at my top choice.  Countdown to school begins…T minus 6 weeks!


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