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It’s Monday.

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Another Monday! These weekends seem to be whipping by. It is already halfway through July!

This weekend was fantastic. The outdoor movie went beyond my expectations. Courtney and I picked up a chicken bucket from Central. We had a 4 piece meal, which comes with 6 chicken nuggets, a side of mashed potatoes and a house made Dijon dipping sauce. It was mouthwatering delicious.  The mashed potatoes were probably the best I have ever had. I’d like to order a side of those for a meal everyday. The movie screen was positioned in front of the Harbor so behind all you can see is water, and an occasional plane landing. The best was everyone clapping and cheering and whistling at Patrick Swayze. I definitely want to see more outdoor movies. It is a great (and free) time!

Saturday I played some soccer. After a few months of rest I was a little rusty, but our team won 2-1. The afternoon was spent at the pool, and the evening celebrating Bastille Day! Our friends met up at the Big Hunt before heading over to Bistrot du Coin for their annual la fete nationale. It was insane. We waited in line for about 20-30 mins. I figure…we never go to places with lines in DC so once a year it is acceptable. Then inside they had three, maybe four bartenders and we waited another 30 mins at the bar. But we were smart and ordered champagne bottles so we wouldn’t have to go back. We drank on the balcony while watching the crowd dance to the best of euro techno music. As soon as we were done we joined in, and I have never been so sweaty and had so much fun dancing! This photo was taken on Erin’s camera at Big Hunt before the craziness started.

Sunday the HPBC went to Beacon Bar and Grille for their Champagne Brunch. It is unlimited drinks – champagne, mimosas and bloody mary’s, and a buffet. I started with a bloody mary and switched over to mimosas. The buffet room contained five long tables of food, plus a dessert table, plus another omelet bar. I asked the man to make me scrambled eggs with cheddar and he did! I also ate a waffle, bacon, sausage, a bagel with cream cheese, chips and guacamole, tilapia, caesar salad, a pecan cinnamon bun, cheese blintz, potatoes au gratin, breakfast potatoes, cheesecake, coconut cake and whatever else I could fit on my plate. I took three trips to the buffet over the course of 2 hours. Best money I’ve ever spent. After Anthony and I went out to Tyson’s Corner to both Tyson’s 1 and 2. Any store you can think of is in one of these malls or surrounding area. I finally used my J Crew gift cards from my birthday and my student ID for 15% off! I usually hold back while shopping but decided to pick up everything I liked on this trip and try everything on. Below are the spoils of my adventure. We saw Spiderman in 3D and Anthony called it, “the best movie I’ve ever seen”. It was really good, I highly recommend it.

This week shouldn’t be too bad. Tomorrow night I’m going to a birthday party for a girl in my program at Hanks Oyster Bar. Her invite read, “Come join us for oysters! We’ll be upstairs in the Yacht Room. (Sounds fancy, right?) Wear your boat shoes or something.”  Her last name is Boatwright so I feel like this is a fitting party. We have met up twice and I like her already, but I can tell we are going to be great friends by this email alone. Thursday my work is having a summer retreat and we are going to the Bullpen to eat Surfside for lunch and then watch the Nationals take on the Mets! I’m super excited for the game, I think most others are just excited not to be at work. I plan to throw in a dance class or two as well.

Here’s to Mondays!


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