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This has been a long week! I have loved every second of having Steph around, and now I am ready to collapse.

I feel like each day deserves it’s own post with pictures. I have had zero time to upload, but I plan on doing that this weekend! So lots more posts to come.

So to run it down…

Monday night– Magic Mike.
Tuesday night – Nats v Giants. Timmy…poor Timmy. Out to Trustys to drink a lot of 21st Amendment.
Wednesday – 11am Nats V Giants. Nats win again. Pool party at Josh’s house. I think I’ve had more hot dogs and burgers the past 6 days combined than ever in my life. Evening on Hoyer’s balcony to watch the fireworks! (view below)  and then a trip through the Cap including a walk onto the House Floor.
Thursday – Ugh back to work. Dinner at Pacifico Cantina. Final Nats v Giants game…which was insane!!! Seriously craziest bottom of the 9th I have ever seen, and we were just 7 rows up behind the Giant’s dugout. Quite the sweep! Plus it was Throwback Night. Adorable.
Friday – I’m pretty sure work was closed this week and no one told me. Enjoying a quite day, and looking forward to going to see the ballet at the Kennedy Center tonight with Courtney! I’ve never seen Giselle in full. Or the Paris Opera Ballet! It is going to be magical.


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