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Post Camp Weekend Run Down

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We went, we camped, we conquered! Another camping/tubing weekend has passed, and somehow we all survived.

Friday night was insane. A crazy storm hit DC and the surrounding areas. I was lucky to already be at camping, but we had three cars still on their way that were stuck in the downpour. Kevin was already cooking, we set up our tents and started gathering around the campfire and then all of the sudden the wind picked up and you could hear the storm coming on fast from one direction. I started to run around and carry things inside (thank god we had an indoor kitchen area this year!) and shouted at people to help and the lights went out.  Which, actual light and refrigerators were an added bonus this year. Oh well, the camp gods didn’t want us to be too comfortable. Some of our group were still out in the field setting up the tents when the downpour came. It was incredibly lucky for a few of us they were out there because when the wind picked up the tents started to lift off the ground and they each got in a tent and held it down. The storm finally passed and we resumed eating, drinking, playing ping pong and meeting the new friends in the few remaining cars. They had their own crazy stories about fallen power lines, and waiting for men with chain saws to show up so trees could be removed from the roads. Insanity.

Saturday we woke up, ate breakfast and went tubing for many hours. I slathered myself in SPF50 and made sure to reapply when I was getting red. I walked away without a sunburn, yay! We only had one issue on the river, and that was when people didn’t look ahead towards the rapid…or notice the giant hay barrel that must have blown in the river during the storm and got stuck on a rock. Our group of over 30 people tied up together went straight over it and stranded a few people on top of the rocks in their tubes. Luckily Kelsey was there to save the day, and I attempted to help her (which she probably didn’t need) and ended up scraping my knee on a rock. I loved floating in the river and dipping in. I know some people felt like it went on forever, but I could have stayed all day! I also put myself in charge of the waterproof cameras that Meredith brought. I, myself took about 40 pictures, which in my mind are all works of art. From an up close view of Thomas’ face, to Betsy flying off the rope swing, these are nothing short but award winning (haha, we’ll see)!

The rest of the day was spent napping on an open field, playing soccer and ping pong, and gearing up for more food. Kevin was incredible and made food for everyone. He had his ultimate burgers which included a cheese, bacon, and a messy delicious egg on top.  Heaven. We also had corn on the cob a million chips, plenty of beer and s’mores! We all chatted late into the night by the fire, and all too soon it was time to go to sleep again.

Sunday morning we woke up, packed up, cleaned up and said goodbye to the campground for another year. The best part about Sunday is the stop in Luray to Uncle Bucks! Where all their food is delicious, and cheap! Our group took over the bar area again and overwhelmed the poor waitresses.

We were back in DC in time to watch the Euro 2012 game – poor Italy – and because we hadn’t spent enough time together, we went to eat unlimited crabs at Quarterdeck in Arlington. So delicious! And it was Steph’s first crab feast! We watched the Olympic trials on TV – poor Nastia – and went home happy, full of butter and crabs and incredibly happy.

I haven’t uploaded my camp photos yet, but I couldn’t help but instagram the pile of crabs!


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