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Over the past few weeks I have been getting back into taking dance classes. I started out with a few beginning ballet classes, and advanced beginning jazz classes, but I knew it was time to step up my game. Last night I took Contemporary at the Atlas Joy of Motion dance studio. It was listed as low-intermediate, which…if that was low intermediate I would hate to see advanced! The combination was incredibly fast and included kicks, leaps, turns, and two floor work sections (the first started with a drop to the floor in a center split!). The teacher, Ashley (check out her youtube page here) said this combo wasn’t the typical contemporary ones she does, that she wanted to do something fast and powerful instead.  I feel really accomplished though and this more than any of the other classes I have taken over the last few years, has really pushed me. I want to make this class a part of my normal routine. I feel like dance is such a part of me, that if it isn’t in my life…I’m not really the best I can be.  My body feels better, my mind feels better-I can’t wait to make this a regular thing!

While this video is from SYTYCD a few years ago, Khertington was my favorite contemporary dancer on the show. Her audition mesmerized me!


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