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Saturday night I attended a Mad Men theme engagement party for Mikey and Ashley. Mikey has been my rock on the FC Cats. He is a fellow defender and always there with the right encouragement and direction, and is a terrific player! I was so excited to celebrate his engagement and have an excuse to dress up. Ashley has amazing taste and a side job of going to estate sales and picking up really cool vintage house items and then selling them, so everything from the glasses to the serving dishes were the perfect Mad Men style. Ashley also cooked up a bunch of 60s style appetizers from swedish meatballs to cherry tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad. Mikey and Ashley live in an incredible house they have done a wonderful job decorating. The best part is Mikey’s man cave painted in his favorite football team’s colors, and decorations change depending on the sport season. Mikey offered me the best chair in the house as a birthday prize and we spent the end of the night watching the National’s game. I took a few pictures, but per usually I wish I took more! PS. How cute is their invitation??


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