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This has been packed week, and it’s nowhere near over! After coming home from vacation Sunday night, I don’t think I’ve sat down for more than 20 mins. My DVR is filling up!

Monday – Anthony and I went out to Crofton to hang with his mom. His dad is currently on the road trip with Amanda, Will and Rhett! Last I saw they were taking pictures of Buffalo in Yellowstone. Jealous. We checked out the new shopping center, which includes a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. I’m very familiar with them from southern California but this was Anthony’s first trip.  I came home with this gem.  His and Hers, it was buy one get one half off. With camping around the corner, how could I resist?? After this purchase we ate Italian food and celebrated my birthday with cupcakes and presents. Basically the two best things in the world.

Tuesday – Anthony and I went to the Nats game with his cousin Ed and girlfriend Katie. Katie was given tickets by her boss at the last minute, and we opted out of dinner in exchange for amazing seats and hot dogs! The seats were in section 117 row N. Section 117 is behind the visitor’s dugout, towards home plate. And row N is just 8 rows up. My seat was on the Aisle, so I had a clear view to the batters box. It was insane! I ate a hot dog and a nacho. The other two best things in the world. Check out my view of Harper….

Wednesday – Today! It is the official start of summer. Which is weird because in year’s past that has always been on my birthday. I took advantage of my lunch break and got a manicure. The salon next to my work has so many good colors it is hard to choose. I was thinking of going yellow, or something crazy, but ended up with my standard hue. It is always a cross between a hot pink and a coral. I looked at the name after because I always forget. It is called, Call Me Gwen-ever from the new Spiderman collection! The nail polish I’ve had on for the past week I did myself. And it seems no matter who you are, manicurists can always do it better.

Tonight I am going to take a ballet class. An hour and a half of beautiful torture – I’m going to channel all the girls from Breaking Pointe.

The rest of the week is filling up! Tomorrow is my birthday, and Anthony has the day planned out full of surprises. I’m pretty impressed he’s kept it a secret so far since he is terrible at surprises.  All I know is I won’t be home until late tomorrow night.

Friday – Dinner at District of Pi (modeled after my fav SF pizzeria Little Star) with friends, and a night out at the new Beach Bar!
Saturday –  I am planning on taking another dance class, then going to meet a few girls from my grad program at the Corcoran to take a tour led by the girl I met up with a few weeks ago. Then a Mad Men themed engagement party! I still don’t know what to wear!
Sunday – It is my turn back at the American History, and there has been talk of a Baltimore Nats game.

Happy Summer!


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