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I am so proud of my friend Michelle that I had to post about it.

We have been friends since my days of interning at 7×7 Magazine. She was the assistant to the West Coast something or other, then assistant to the president of SPIN. We bonded over our love of Britney, bad TV and blogs. She is one of those people I can tell everything and anything to, and she actually listens! She also seems to take a genuine interest in the things and people she has never seen and never met. It is nice to know that I have a friend there who is always willing to lend an ear. I hope she thinks of me the same way 🙂

Last fall she entered Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and has been insanely busy working and writing. Monday she starts her internship at Hello Giggles! Even though she has been a contributing writer for months already. Read her stuff here…you won’t be disappointed.  I mean, she has already interviewed Robert Pattinson…and this is pre grad school. It only goes up from here!


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  1. YOU ARE TOO MUCH. And when I say “too much,” I mean unbelievably wonderful and I don’t deserve you!! Thank you so much for this. I feel like I just got the best birthday tribute of all time and it’s not even my birthday (to quote Rihanna). Love. You. xoxoxo


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