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This is the summer of dance shows. I have three queued up on my Tivo right now.

So You Think You Can Dance

I absolutely love SYTYCD. I have watched every season from the beginning, and have even gone to see them on tour twice.  So far there have been two episodes of Season 9 with auditions in NYC, Dallas and LA. So yes, there is still plenty of time to get into the show if you haven’t watched it yet. I also believe that Cat Deeley is the best reality TV host ever. Besides being gorgeous, she actually seems to care about all of the contestants. While auditions are fun, I can’t wait for Vegas week when you see the really talented dancers, and once the competition phase starts I’m sure I will be glued to the TV. I can’t wait to see what the choreographers come up with this time around. Bonus – there always seems to be an OCHSA alum on the show!

Breaking Pointe

I have only seen the first episode of this show, but it looks promising. It is about Ballet West in Salt Lake City, and I think it’s best described by the CW website – “For the first time ever, the beauty and grace of ballet, the world’s preeminent dance form, will be brought to television. Viewers will also see the dark side of this seemingly perfect world; the jealousy, competition and intensity that exist behind the scenes at a professional ballet company. For under the tights and tutus lie warriors, who battle in a gritty world of extreme athleticism, focus and dedication, while hunting for the unattainable…perfection.”


This show doesn’t start until Monday, but I will be watching. ABC Family has yet to disappoint me…so we’ll see! Sutton Foster is an incredible stage actress, so I hope she can keep it up in this show. Either way, I’m sure I’ll get sucked in and end up watching every episode.  Bunheads also has an OCHSA alum as one of the students!


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