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Everything that happened in July was amazing. From camping/tubing to the wineries in Virginia to my trip to Houston.

While in Houston we spent most the time at the hotel pool, hanging out with Anthony’s family, in AC, and eating tex/mex or BBQ. Not a bad way to spend a couple days.   I was able to see my Gpa for an afternoon. We went to his house and it’s funny to see how I am like him. His house is covered in pictures, and trinkets from his travels. It took me the entire visit to look at all the pictures in different rooms. From pictures of my dad as a kid to me as a kid. While Anthony was telling Lucy about interesting things that have happened to him at his job, she told us that we should write it all down. She said we should so that one day we can read it back and remember everything. This stuck a chord with me because I know she is in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s, and knows how important it is to keep those memories. I hope that writing in a journal is a habit I can pick up again.


I hope that August is just as exciting as July! It’s weird that I’m still in the school mindset. I can’t help feeling the dread of something coming in September. Maybe it’s knowing summer (as well as my awesome pool time!) is coming to a close. I’ll just have to take advantage of it.

Upcoming this month! – A Nacho Party (yah you heard me), Power Hour(s), Soccer Practices, Blink-182 concert, and a-still in the works- long trip to the Cape, a day or two in Maine and ending in New York for another wedding.

Not too shabby.


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