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March – Life is good.

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It seems like the last thing on my mind lately has been blogging. While I made a pretty good dent in my To Do list this weekend, there is still never enough time to do everything.

This Year I have already

  • Been to New Orleans
  • Bowled at the White House
  • Snowboarded and Ice skated in West Virginia, a new state for me!
  • Celebrated birthdays and promotions and soccer teams
  • Bowled a 143 in ‘dangerous’ College Park, MD
  • Eaten at a lot of delicious restaurants including, but not limited to, Rays the Steaks, Smith Commons and Carmines (again)
  • Capitols games
  • Survived the annual Car Bomb party and walked home when the morning birds were chirping

And there’s so much more to come!

  • DC United tailgating and opening day
  • New York City to visit the bestie
  • Nationals opening weekend
  • Boat themed party, German Party and most importantly, pool parties
  • Tina Fey on tour
  • Mary’s baby shower!!

and that’s just like the next month!


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