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Last night Courtney, Anthony, Jojo and I went to the hockey game last night for Caps v Ducks! I really love hockey, and I love the Ducks even more. I wore my Parros shirt to work and proudly into the Verizon Center. The shirt is from his ‘Stache Gear line and features him about to punch another hockey player. Needless to say, it is awesome. I went early to watch the Ducks warm up. I was there early enough to be at the first row, first seat next to the players bench. It is so cool being down there and standing at the same level as the players. They are sooo huge on their skates! Every time Parros skated by he tapped the boards where I was standing! All I could think was…he can see my shirt! He can see it! While most the players are, in the zone or too cool to acknowledge the fans Parros did the most amazing thing ever. At the end of warm up, he skated over to me, gave me a thumbs up and nodded to my shirt and dropped a puck over the glass for me!! amazing! When he walked around the bench and through to the tunnel I made eye contact with him and said, Thank You! And he winked back at me. Double Sigh!!

And then the Ducks won! They played a really great game and for how cocky the Caps fans are, and how much trash they talk…I honestly didn’t even realize Ovi was playing….It was such sweet victory to win because hey, the wins speak for themselves!

Anth and I saw the Stanley Cup on Monday!


My puck!!


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  1. OMG that’s so fun Whit! Cherish it forever! xoxoxox


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