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Day Twenty-eight: Your top 10 pet peeves

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  1. Walking the middle of the sidewalk and/or not in a straight line. Hello?! I’m trying to get around you
  2. Not saying what you mean. I am not a mind reader
  3. Being late
  4. Not picking up after yourself. When I leave my shoes in the kitchen I can just hear my mom say…why make me the middle man? You’re dropping them somewhere might as well be the right place. I feel like this has stuck with me. When things are put away, or if everyone picked up after themselves this world would be a better place.
  5. Losing things. I rarely lose things but when I do. It sucks
  6. Negativity
  7. Detagging of Facebook pictures. Okay I get it, in a way. You don’t want a terrible angle shot of you shoving a loaded hot dog into your mouth. But when you look normal, smiling at the camera, or whatever. Why detag? Is it cool now to not have so many pictures of yourself on facebook? Do you not appreciate the time I take to take the pictures, load them on my computer, load them onto facebook , tag them. Maybe even edit them first. Especially when people ask me to be the photographer or rely on me for pictures. I do what I can!
  8. Being inconsiderate, exclusive or just beyotchy for no good reason
  9. Unnecessary drama. I have better uses of my time
  10. Everything that is super delicious is terrible for you. Why cruel world, why??

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  1. Ahahaha, totally agree with all of those, especially number one! I hate zig zaggers! How about talking on your phone while driving too??? Sooo annoying!


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