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Day Twenty-six: Describe a daily ritual

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Let me see. A daily ritual. Well I walk. A lot. I always have. In SF I walked so much. To me it was better than waiting for a bus or even being on a bus in general. I realize how lucky I have it here because of the lack of hills. I could walk on a flat surface for hours after the leg build up from my years of the 47 hills SF is built on. The only difference is, in SF you pay your monthly bus pass fee and you can get on any you want and ride it for a single stop if you want to. Here in DC its a new charge everytime. I cannot believe that immediate transfers between buses aren’t free! I mean who lives in a direct line of where they need to go? From my house, on Shepherd between 13th and 14th I walk down 14th street, cross over on Spring Road and wait for the bus on 16th street and Spring. I take the S2, S4 or the limited stop S9 to 16th and P st. From there I walk down P st until I hit Dupont Circle. This is where I tell myself I don’t need, nor have the time for a Krispy Kreme donut. I circle around to 19th st, walk down 19th…cut through a side street, and a diagonal street to end up on N St. From there I walk all the way down N to my work on 25th St. I have my walk perfect with the timing of the lights, I know what street to cross when to avoid the early morning sprinklers and the low hanging tree branches. The total time of this trip from my door to the desk takes 45 minutes.

The Evil Low hanging branches


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