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This is the second season of the FC Cats. This year we are playing in a new league, playing a full size field of 11 v 11 and actually playing super super well! We have had four games so far and only lost one. Right now we are 4th in the league! The reason we lost that game was because it happened to be a weekend everyone was gone and we only had enough players to fill the field. I got hurt in the first 10 mins of the game (because I ran like 11 miles or something ridiculous that morning to prepare for my half marathon). I pulled my quad muscle and could barely stand up. Luckily Stu was on the sidelines to fill in for me. But poor players had no subs for the rest of the game. But other than that! We’ve had a pretty good season so far. The games coming up are going to be tough ones, especially with missing a lot of key players this upcoming Columbus day, 3-day weekend. But I am going to be positive and play as hard as I can! What I am most looking forward to this week (and lets face it basically every week) is going out to brunch after the games. This week is Red Rocks, my favorite pizzeria in town. We will be celebrating two birthdays on the team, and crossing my fingers, hopefully a good outcome of the game. Either way I’ll be happy. I love my teammates and playing soccer! Keep your fingers crossed for us on Sunday.

While the league is co-ed, and requires 3 girls on the field at a time, we are just so awesome we usually play 4.


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