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Four turn ons

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It is day seven in the challenge, and I’m still enjoying it! Though at times (like today) it feels like one of those surveys you filled out in 7th grade (wheres the entry about my biggest fears? or favorite class in school?).  But I accepted the challenge…even if I tweak it a little…and here it goes!

1. Caring.  If someone cares about you, cares about what you want, cares if you are happy, or having a good time or comfortable or whatever that goes a long way! It’s nice to have someone to care about you

2. Smart.  It’s no fun if you can’t keep up 😉

3. Fun. Likes to try new things, likes to go out, and fun also means funny! Enjoys being with me and enjoys life!

4.  Friendly. Meaning…friends! An important word in boyfriend. Why would I want to be with someone who I didn’t want to be best friends with. Whats the fun in that?


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