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Six Things You Want to do Before You Die

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While I should just post a link to Steph’s blog posting for this, I’ll attempt to be creative on my own. It’s no wonder were friends, all her lists somehow mirror mine (or what I want mine to look like) Extra points for the number 6, Start a Charity. Mine in my head was, make enough money to help others. I can see now how mine might be a little more selfish, so I’ll leave that one off the coveted Top 6!

1. See all 50 states. (as well as travel the globe. The rest of Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Kenya, India, those amazing exotic beaches with huts sticking out of the water I’ve only seen on postcards)

2. Dance with the Rockettes

3. Own a Chanel quilted bag, an amazing camera, a house with a built in bookshelf wall, and a backyard pizza brick oven!

4. Sit front row at Ducks game……while they win the Stanley Cup

5. Check off the list of restaurants I want to go to, movies I want to see and books I want to read

6. Speak French, Italian and know sign language fluently


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  1. Wow Whit! I think #3 makes it a lot more than 6 things! Haha, but agreed on that one! You can do it 😉

  2. Okay you are such a thinker. How I could leave off ‘owning a Chanel bag” off my list!! Also your one about lists of restaurants/books/etc was in my head too! twinsies.

  3. you can come to china any day! *wiiiiiiiink*

  4. Had to copy the Tahiti huts. The people who were at our table on the French Polynesia cruise we were on showed us the pictures of the see-through floor where you can see all the fishes swimming and I was SOLD.

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