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Patience is a Virtue, but Time is of the Essence

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There is never enough time. Ever. Yet I sat here tonight on my couch and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, SYTYCD and now Jersey Shore. Today at work I started making a list of all things I wish I could do every night, if there were only unlimited amounts of time! I think about this upcoming weekend (restaurant week dinner with friends, soccer playing, running, national dance day, going to baltimore to eat and watch Man City vs Inter Milan, W hotel brunch with the girls, more running…) I think about how I’d like to do all these things …plus..

1. Read

2. Run

3. Figure out my sewing machine!

4. Cook (like actually cook, not like what I do)

5. Rosetta Stone Italian

6. Blog

7. Pilates

8. Netflix

9. Watching tons of TV

10. Play my Wii

11. Listen to my records

12. Practice guitar!

13. Stretch

14. Watch Gilmore Girls

and this is just my at home alone time!


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