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Singer sewing machine!

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So many of you already know, but I won a sewing machine off of Martha Stewarts Twitter! I happened to be at home, and turned on the tv and she had Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert as guests. I thought…Anthony Bourdain?! This has to be good! And in the segment she mentioned that she was going to give a singer sewing machine away to her 2 millionth follower. I thought to myself. I’d follow Martha, let me add her. So I did, and I posted a tweet saying how I enjoyed the show with Anthony and Eric & I wanted to win a sewing machine for following her. A couple hours later I got a direct message from Martha herself… Yes it was her…saying I had won!! After exchanging info, a few more messages and a few weeks later it arrived in the mail! I can’t wait to figure this thing out. First up! A soccer banner for my amazing sponsored soccer team, FC Cats!

Check it out – Martha says my name

Oh and if anyone has any sewing machine tips…please let me know!


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