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Thanksgiving in Haddon Heights, NJ and Philly Friday!

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I just spent an amazing weekend in HH at Kate’s house with Courtney and Liz, and Steph joined us for a fantastic weekend. From the Homecoming football game, running miles and miles, pilates, Hoagies, Philly Friday, Cheesesteaks, hot chocolate and homemade whip cream, oh yah…and Thanksgiving dinner! It was awesome!
Haddon Heights Homecoming cars

Football Team and Cheerleaders

Half-time food (what we ate before running 4.3 miles)

Marching Band

Half Eaten Fruit Turkey

Courtney and Kate’s cousins/sister/cousin’s bf (aka her jumping in the family picture)

The Famous Roberts Lumber Yard Sign…with rotating board (this one on the non offensive side, unlike others)

I can see Philly!

Ben Franklin Museum

Comcast Building

Indoor Market

National Constitution Center

US Mint

Independence Hall

Ben Franklin’s House

Betsy Ross’ House

Oldest Residential Street in the US

South Street

Cheesesteak number 1 at Jims

Cheesesteak Number 2 place – Whiz Wit!

Geno’s Across the street (boooo)

Where they get the bread for Taylors in DC!

amazing day in Philly followed by a night of hipster dancing followed by some not so hipster dancing…which is when we left 🙂

Saturday we ate the MOST delicious Hoagies ever…from Kates town!

Hot chocolate and movies

Thanks Kate!!


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