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Netflix decided to work Saturdays

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Ever since I  started netflix, three years ago I have always said….I wish they worked Saturdays. So that way when I turn in a film on Thursday evening, and it gets picked up by the post office on Friday and delivered Saturday…someone is there to collect and send me a new movie by Monday. That would make it so much nicer. However, new movie releases to DVD always happen on a Tuesday. So this week I very carefully planned that I would turn in both movies to be received by Monday, so they would send me my two new releases. And alas, they shipped out a movie today, but a Marilyn Monroe flix since it’s too early to send out the new releases! My plan was foiled. It’s like you always get what you want, when you don’t want it. 🙂  After this week though I’m sure I’ll love it!



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