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SF Beer Week – Sierra Nevada Tasting

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I decided this week to try to get my friends organized a little. No one really is, or motivated either. Finally I emailed the 25 friends I have in this city who I would all want to hang out with, and who more or less all know each other. I thought at first either everyone was going to hate me and think, what a stupid idea and get no response. Or, they would think it was cool and then get no response. I was shocked by the end of the day, my gmail subject line had a(19) next to it and grew over the next day. All the responses were positive so mission accomplished! It’s only part way through the weekend and I already feel like we’ve done more together this weekend then we have since we all lived in the same dorm in college.

Friday we started out at the kick off for SF Beer Week at the Jug Shop, which happens to be down the street from us. They were having a Sierra Nevada beer tasting for just $10. Rachelle, Kelly, Dom, Dre and I headed there at 6 when it opened. They gave us wine glasses and a packet of which beers would be available, plus a description and a place to write tasting notes. Adam, Chris, Claudia (plus friends) and Sylvia (plus friends) also joined us. We tried the wheat beer, pale ale, harvest wet hop ale, the new Torpedo IPA, Celebration ale, porter, stout, and finally the Bigfoot barley style wine 2009 beer. I did really like the IPA, I would say it was probably one of the best. But I also really like celebration and porter and stout. The wet hop harvest was my least favorite and the bigfoot was soooo strong I had to sip it. I do really like beer, so it was awesome just being able to try different kinds in one setting, figure out what it is I liked and all in two hours, which meant we all stumbled out of there hungry and tipsy at 8pm. A group of us headed over to Polkers, which has some of the best hamburgers ever. We took over the middle table, were probably louder than necessary, but our waitress loved us. Adam and Kelly were brave enough to try the habanero burger, luckily Kelly put it on the side because I dipped the tiniest amount on a french fry and ate it and wanted to die. When they delivered it to the table the guy said, good luck. And walked away. At least the waitress did warn them but holy cow, why even make something that ridiculous? Of course Dom thought nothing of it. After that we headed on for one more drink and then home to crash. As we were leaving Adam said, Thank you for the email…without that theres no way I would have been here with you guys tonight. And its so true, it was a great group of people who I would have never put together in my head, but its true…if people want to come, they will come, so I’m happy I could just provide the route for them all to get there! (okay totally cheesy, but by the end of the night I was feeling pretty good about myself)

img_3427Kelly and Dre


img_3429Polkers Western BBQ Burger and Curly Fries



And the group !



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