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So this 25 Things note has been passed around Facebook, and I actually kind of like those surverys, but never actually do them. Let’s see….

From Facebook >>> Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. My ultimate goal in life is to be a Rockette

2. I am completely obsessed with anything involving maps, clocks, Italy (mostly Florence) and Paris.

3. I am related to Francis Marion, aka the Swamp Fox of the American revolution…who is considered the father of modern guerrilla warfare.

4. I can crack pretty much every bone in my body, including tail bone, left elbow, right ankle, right shoulder, left knee, neck, fingers..including the high thumb knuckle, right hip, toes, and upper back if someone jumps on it, plus whatever else happens to pop when it wants to.

5. I took a road trip with Courtney, Mary, Kevin and JT to Chicago and back down Route 66 all the way to LA the summer after my jr year of high school. How my mom ever let us go I will never know. I drove the entire state of Oklahoma, slept through pretty much all of Kansas, ate at Casa Bonita, went to Lincolns tomb and boyhood home, visited the Precious Moments Chapel, saw the jazz museum and St Louis Arch, a drive through safari in Arkansas where I held a baby cougar, ate at a steak house in Texas, saw the Grand Canyon and stayed at the Wigwam Hotel in a Teepee, plus countless other treasures.

6. If all else fails in life, I will become one of those people who organizes your closets (and I will love it)

7. I’m almost 100% positive I am suppose to be left handed.

8. I’ve had two near death experiences. One involving a car accident (no, not my fault) and the other kayaking for the first time, in a single, white water rapid style.

9. I’ve saved Kacey Griffin’s life more times then I can count (BFFAEAE!)

10. SF has influenced me in that I’m always conscious about my carbon foot print. Always recycle, never go to a store without my own canvas bag. And in understanding how bad high fructose corn syrup is and why you should eat local and organic.

11. My proudest moment was probably dancing a solo to a sold out crowd at the OC Performing Arts Center. And I got to it end in my signature pose.

12. I make lists for absolutely everything.

13. I saw snow fall for the first time one year ago. This is also when I realized I missed my calling to be a professional snowboarder.

14. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, and have seriously considered it a lot, then some one reminds me that math and science aren’t my strong suits.

15. Ever since I was in elementary school, and Zach McKay told me I had to, I hold my breath every time I go by a cemetery. I’m not sure what it means, at all.

16. Jay Leno pulled me out of a crowd by shouting out…grab that pretty girl, to do Jay Walking. But I didn’t say anything dumb enough to make it on air.

17. I’m pretty certain I’m addicted to burritos. And I could go the rest of my life only eating that, pizza and burgers and be entirely happy.

18. I hated shoes (because my feet are big…they never have my size or they don’t look as cute as the size 6 sample, and I was already taller than the boys why add another few inches) and ended up selling shoes at Nordstroms for two summers. I never wear make up and I end up working for dotcom at Sephora (where I think they give me make up for free for encouragement)

19. Britney Spears can do no wrong.

20. I took an art class at Chapman University when I was 5. I think I was suppose to be really good, but unfortunately that was my peak, and I still draw like a talented 5 year old.

21. When I was 6 I played goalie in soccer and got my finger kicked, to where the nerve wrapped around my knuckle and my finger snapped all the way backwards. And the first thing my dad said was….you saved the goal! I still have minimal feeling in that finger.

22. I’ve been wearing the same wave ring on that broken finger, for a decade now.

23. I’m such a sucker for boys who can dance. Channing Tatum, Robert Hoffman and of course JT are in  my top 5.

24. I think I’m a true Gemini. Though as I get older I’m usually always on my good side. One of the things I hated most that my mom would say to me when I was younger was….Don’t flip to the dark side. Like I am Darth Vader.

25. I sincerely believe that all things happen for a reason.


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