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It’s that Time of Year

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I almost feel like I haven’t had time yet to enjoy the fact that its going to be Christmas….next week. I havent had a single cup of hot chocolate, and my skates are sitting in my closet. Though Rachelle is amazing and got us a Christmas tree all by herself (with no help from Dom even though he promised, she drug it into our apartment single handedly. His punishment…vacuuming up the pine needles). It’s all decorated and looks beautiful by the big window, and even has presents underneath. Saturday evening was the big holiday party night. We went to two. The first…amazingly planned out..themed, activities, plates and plates of crackers and cheese and homemade cookies. Punch bowls, one with vodka one with gin and loads of sugary fruityness. Also Sugar Plum Fairy shots and when you got to the party you had to take a picture and then…a jello shot which came in three different flavors. The second party was at Jackie and Amys apartment, full of good friends and munchie mix. Today was roommate day, the morning spent cleaning the apartment and a delicious dinner at Slanted Door as a reward. Everyone should go, just to have the Green Papaya salad, its so amazing, I can’t get enough of it.

I’m hoping each day will feel a little bit more holiday-ish. The more I dance around the living room to All I want for Christmas…..the better. And Kelly gets Love Actually on Netflix Tuesday…..sounds like its going to be a fantastic week!!

img_3086img_30881Kelly’s Italian pig, my candy cane and 80s Style Heart

img_3090Green Man!


img_3094Rachelle working on the Jello shot

img_3095My favs, Jackie, Emily and Christa

img_3099img_3101Claudia and Kelly


And, I love this progression of photos…..



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  1. Don’t underestimate the power of the Doritos munchie mix 😉


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