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Seriously, I’ve been wanting to see Brit in concert for as long as I can remember. Okay thats dramatic, but a long time. I’ve seen NSYNC three or four times and Justin Timberlake twice, even Christina Aguilera! But my favorite….Britney….it’s finally happening. Sure they cost more money than probably all the concerts I’ve seen in the last…five years put together. But when I’m standing on the ground floor next to the stage, its going to be one of the best days of my life.

I’ve listened to her cd a couple times through, and its growing on me. I really love Womanizer….of course, and Circus is really catchy. I also enjoy the song about blacking out and the one about getting your picture taken (make sure you get my good side….pick one). I really love it. I have till April 12 to dream about how amazing its going to be.


Thanksgiving was nice, it was great to be home and to see Kacey and Brit. And hang out with Brit all weekend and to see Matt and Ryan, and meet her new bf Taylor and see Erik. Go shopping and see my family and go to a Ducks game!!! (to see Parros beat someone up and they won!) And the time before I left, getting to see stephanie and hang out with everyone was fantastic. Finally eating at Dotties True Blue Cafe! and Mitchelles ice cream. Fantastic. Minus my horrible delayed airplane experience….I would say this year is rounding out quite nicely. Can someone seriously tell me how it is December? For real?

Pics from dotties!

img_3073Best Hot Chocolate Ever

img_3076img_3078Dre is stoked

img_3080So am I….

Oh also on this day, walked back to my place. Dre somehow miraculously saw Tim Lincecum driving his new white Range Rover….to which she screamed, ran up and down the street shouting at the loudest a person could ever shout….did you see who that was???? TIM LINCECUM!! and he actually stopped his car at the light and waited until he could see Dre and waved to her. She said the only reason she didnt run up to the car was because it was uphill and shes too lazy!! He totally would have given her a hug or something…next time!!


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