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Are you aware that you can look up your own name in Urban Dictionary? Rachelle at work (always sending me the best links) sent me a few examples. Though a majority of mine have some sort of crack, Whitney Houston reference I enjoy this first one….

Haha, what does yours say about you??

1. whitney 150 up, 27 down love ithate it
A girl that you definitely wanna take home to ma and pa… Amazing girl, that you should never let go!
DAmn… that whitney girl is a keeeeeeeeper!


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  1. jackie 289 up, 478 down love ithate it

    the prettiest girl at school
    smokin hot, gets good grades
    has the awesomest personality
    loves to hang out with friends
    she can be a girly girl at times
    and a tom boy.
    often called a princess
    1- jackie is so gorgeous
    2- yah and shes smart
    3- dude she has the whole package
    1- mhm brains and beauty

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