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Le week-end

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Today I had a conversation with myself. When does the week really start? Does it start on Monday? Or on Sunday? Then I remembered one of my favorite french words. Le week-end. I guess Saturday and Sunday are called the weekend, because it’s at the end of the week….. Novel I know. Do you ever have those conversations? The ones you should have figured out when you were in Kindergarten?

I had a great weekend. Big Umbrella art show and Wazima’s on Friday night, Protest Frjtz and North Beach Bars on Saturday, and Sunday my lovelies…Emily and Christa, threw a BBQ in celebration of summer finally coming around and it being 80 degrees. They are the only ones with a backyard of sorts, which makes for a perfect gathering. Adam cooked the burgers, I brought the famous delicious onion dip (you’re welcome) Jackie brought some…okay…five layer dip (I liked it Ratty!) and Em cooked us some sweet treats to round out the feast. I only wish I could have stayed for ‘smores but alas it was five and the sun was setting and we needed to take two buses home, and ….they may have had to roll me away after that. But good times, lots of drinks and friends …makes for a perfect lazy Sunday.

img_2950Emily loves my close shots…

img_2952Rita, Hillary, and Kelly enjoying Adams stories

img_2960Jackie drinking Bud Light in the classiest way





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  1. Nice! As usual, our historian helps us remember some of the best days. Weee!


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