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Ben Folds IS My Hero

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Thursday night I went to the Ben Folds concert…by myself. When I heard he would be in the city, I bought my ticket immediately without hesitation. I know concerts are expensive, and people tend to only want to spend money on people they really want to see. I had a feeling someone would be there that I knew, and outside the Warfield I ran into Jordan, who is Brittany’s best friend from her original high school who I went to Friends church with for a few years. She moved up here for arts school a few years back, and I always run into her randomly throughout the city. I hung out with her before the concert with her friend, and through the opening band until they went to get a drink and people kept moving around me and I kept moving forward and they must have not been able to find me! So I suppose I did see Ben by myself. But it didn’t matter.


He was AMAZING!!! Like beyond beyond what I could ever expect. He was brilliant at talking with the audience and telling us stories and smiling whenever we sang along, nodding in approval. His hands flew across they keys and with such grace, and there were times his hands moved so quickly it was like one of those cartons where his hands turned into a flurry of colors instead of two separate hands pushing the keys.

The show was a ton of fun. Ben started out by saying, I wore a jacket tonight because I was having a bad hair….and I thought it would make up for it. He is such a nerd! and so freaking cute and funny and awesome. He said from the beginning, So I’m going to tell you guys whats going on tonight. We’re going to be playing a bunch of new shit, because we have a lot of new shit. Then we’re going to leave like it’s over and let you stand here then we are going to come back and play a bunch of old shit! The great thing about him playing the new music was half of it was fake. Ben and his band decided to, in one day, to take every title from the new album and write, record, mix and master entirely new songs with different lyrics and different music. Which they did on their day off in Dublin, ‘leak’ it to the Internet as the new Ben folds album so everyone would say….wow …his album is really shitty. But then everyone started liking it more than the real album! So he played for us a fake Dr. Yang and then the real Dr Yang song. I thought the fake one was amazing. The story behind the songs was a guy who was just dumped went to the doctor to tell him that he had to call his girlfriend, because she had blocked his number, and tell her why she had to take him back for a serious of medical reasons including that he was going to kill himself. So the first song was very literal and funny, where the real one you had to read into the lyrics and the music was so far advanced to the one written in an hour. It really made me appreciate how difficult and intricate all his songs are, and..brilliant!

Sure enough the band got up, waved goodbye and thanked us, bowed and exited the stage. About five minutes later they all came back on and he says, Wow you guys this is amazing! We were already on the bus and were ready to go home and then we heard you guys from outside, its incredible! I guess we will pray more! This second half of the concerts he played all old songs. It wasn’t an encore it was more like there was an intermission. So many great songs and when he started playing Army, a shiver went up my spine to know I would get to be a part of bahh da bahhh… It was so awesome!!!! I sang out loud, yelled out profanities along with the rest of the crowd. I think its one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen…. I’m SO happy I went, and in my aunts words, brave to go by myself. Beyond worth it.



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