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I woke up with my hair in knots, a bump on my forehead, an unquenchable thirst and irrational fear I didn’t know where my phone was (I was sleeping on top of it, of course). Last night was a lot of fun! We started getting ready about 5:30, ordered pizza by 7 and were out the door around 8:45. Rachelle, Kelly, Dominic, Shamiya and I all headed off first to The Raven’s party (aka Chris), where Caitlin and a few of her friends met us. And later on to Emily and Christa’s party….then back to the Ravens to end the night on the dance floor. Only Kelly and I made it all the way to the end, and to that left over pizza.

My hair started out in beautiful curls.

Okay enough ridiculous pictures…..

Raven’s Party

I loved asking…haven’t you worn that wig before? and he answered…No got it brand spankin new today. And I replied…OOHH, it’s thats your hair actually use to look like that. And he said.. Yes. (why he let any of the boys take a razor and scissors to his hair in Florence, I’ll never know)

Caitlin, the interpretive dancer

There's a keeper roommate pic.

Theres a roommate picture to keep forever....

I caught Dom making new friends…

Cry Baby

Why do these two pics below make me feel like I was at a shoot for Nylon

I love the succession of Rachelles Pictures…..

Thanks guys.

Emily and Christa’s Party

Jackie as Rachel Zoe

Christa as Anna Nicole Smith

Amy as Amy WinehouseBobby’s glamour shot

Back at the Raven’s last shot of the night….mmhmm


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  1. your hair and outfit looked slamming that night. and i looked slammed 🙂 good times.


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