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NY Mag – Gossip Girl Episode Review

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It’s always depressing when a new episode of Gossip Girl ends and I have to wait a full week for the next one. Though NY Mag, does such an awesome recap complete with scrutinizing the entire episode giving away pluses and minuses, it makes that waiting period much more enjoyable. If you watch, you must read.

Check out the article here

My favorites this week.

• Serena did the turn-around, combined with the half-smile, to Aaron as she walked away from him. She’s such a fucking pro. Plus 3, because by “pro,” we mean “skank.”

• Agnes is totally Cory Kennedy and Max is her older, creepy, Cobrasnake boyfriend. Plus 11, for references to Nylon and Paper, Max’s kaffiyeh, the fact that Agnes is wearing the liquid leggings from Express, and the fact that all they seem to do is hang around taking pictures of themselves and their friends

(so called the Cobrasnake reference last night!!!!)

• Chuck accuses Blair of ruining his pants. Vodka doesn’t ruin pants — we should know. Minus only 1, because obviously we’ve never worn pants that were made out of cotton candy and Vitalis, like Chuck does, so we may be wrong.

• Aaron has a motorcycle? Sister, please. A scooter, maybe. Minus 3.

Too bad they don’t have any new group shots with Jenny’s whore haircut and new makeup…next time.


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