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Tone it Up

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I am a week and a half into the 8 week Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge. What I have learned is this girls are insane. Their lingo is ridiculous. Working out in a bikini on a beach is maybe silly, but boy do they kick butt. In a week and a half I already feel stronger and can run for longer and feel great!

Each Sunday they release the weeks set of exercises. In week one I ran a 45 minute cardio routine, a 30 min run, multiple work out videos including a “Mermaid” routine, took a spin class that was super fun and ran a 5k! Now in week two there are more runs, cardio work outs and videos. I get why they don’t give you all 8 weeks at once because it’s hard to imagine completing everything. There is another 5k this Sunday, I have a feeling it will be a theme.

The best part has been having buddies to do it with. I work out almost everyday with Courtney and Lindsey (except the video only days which are easy to do at home). I went with them to their gym at Vida this week. They motivate me to keep running and not to stop, which I would do on my own. Anthony has also joined in a few times!

The next five weeks are going to be the busiest time of the year for me. I have events for work every week, plus our huge gala. I am going to Philadelphia tomorrow for work, and Atlanta Sunday-Wednesday for the AAM conference. I will be taking advantage of their gym and roof top track! Plus I am traveling to Norfolk, VA for Anthony’s cousins wedding (another great hotel gym) and to California for my cousin’s wedding (home! I will have to cardio in my pool!), and probably going to Charlottesville the very last weekend of the challenge. 5k to Monticello anyone?

Throughout the challenge we are supposed to focus on our goals we set the first week. A few of mine include leaving my desk at least twice a week to get outside (since my office is underground!), complete each weeks workouts, spring clean my house, along with other fitness and healthy living goals. I’m feeling good so far!

One side effect I did not expect was that I have traded my couch and TV time for working out! My DVR is piling up, and I am okay with that. Also, I never thought I could do an early morning work out, but I have already done a few. Including my 6:15 wake up this morning for a 30 minute jog and workout routine. I accomplish so much more by waking up and working out, and I feel much better than when I would wake up 20 mins before I had to be out the door. I am not a morning person at all, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Anthony has also been super helpful with cooking, cleaning and general words of encouragement and allowing me the time to do all these activities – plus still doing fun events like going to brunch for several hours instead of having to do more laundry!

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks go. From my full calendar of work, personal life and this challenge it is going to be fun/hard/busy/exciting/great!

#TIUTeam #BikiniSeries #100bySummer #TIUMermaid #TIUHusband #TIUIntentions #BeachBabe2 -What can I say, they like their hashtags!


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Anthony and I spent six days in Alaska earlier this month visiting his sister and family. They have been there for almost three years and this was our first visit! I can now mark another state off my list.

We did a lot in the days we were there. Even with the rain on and off we still saw everything we wanted to see including

  • Walked downtown, went into shops, ate at Homeport Eatery
  • Went to the restaurant where the real life Ramon from The Proposal works
  • Went to the McDonald’s and the grocery store with breathtaking views
  • Visited the Raptor Center to see bald eagles in recovery, and a 4 oz owl named Tootsie who I wanted to take home with me, so cute
  • Walked many trails
  • Nature walked through Totem Park to view their collection of Totem Poles
  • Went out on the boat on the sound, saw an otter hanging out, lots of starfish and sea cucumbers, sadly no whales, but did get off the boat to explore a shipwreck
  • Visited Will at the base and saw all the awesome helicopters he flies and brought sushi to the lounge
  • Felt very close to brown bears and black bears at Fortress of the Bears
  • Most importantly hung out with Rhett building Lego’s, watching his swim practice, picking him up from school, and watching him wiggle his front tooth which was about to fall out! And hanging out with Amanda and Will
  • Ate halibut caught by the Walkers
  • Drove end to end of the main paved road
  • Ate Mexican food at a place called Pizza Express, which was delicious and shared a bathroom with the movie theater
  • Ate Chinese at Kenny’s Chinese Food

I was warned several times that I would be shocked at how small Sitka is, but honestly, it felt like any other small town American city I have been to. The only problem is it is far, and in a way remote. The couple chains they have are McDonald’s, Subway and some outfitting stores. But they have a lot of other restaurants and plenty of outdoorsy things to do!

The worst part was getting back. Our first flight left an hour late because of deicing the plane…twice. Then on the ascend was struck by lightning which was scary. In Juneau we missed our connection and there was no way to get us back to the east coast that day. So we took our meal vouchers and our free hotel and spent the night in Seattle! Luckily my amazing old roommate and great friend Kelly picked us up from the hotel, took us to a delicious dinner, drank beer and ate hamburgers. Anthony and I spent the rest of the night walking to Pike Place Market, and the light rail back to the airport hotel. Monday we spent not at work as we planned, but flying back to DC where the city was awaiting us with cherry blossoms. While not the ideal way to get back, it was a great adventure and amazing seeing friends and Seattle!






White House Easter Egg Roll

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I had an amazing opportunity to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll this morning. Anthony and I went on invitation from a friend who is on the inside. We attended the taping of Live with Kelly and Michael, with guests First Lady Michelle Obama, Connie Britton, Anthony Anderson, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and Jeff Gordon! Plus, Gelman warms up the crowd before the show (I just think of Regis yelling at him back in the day).

After the taping we walked around the grounds, which had a lot going on. Story time, a stage, a lot of characters walking around in costume, the roll itself, yoga, spin class etc. We happened to walk by Bobby Flay on his way to the cooking stage, and saw RGIII throwing around footballs with kids! Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning.


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I had an amazing weekend in NYC with so many great friends. It is always awesome to see Steph, and getting to see Alex more than once a year is a huge treat! Plus all the DC Friends, Kevin, and Fish from college put the icing on the cake!

The weekend went pretty non-stop, which is typical. I drove the whole way up, getting in around 9 pm. We went immediately to Lil Frankie’s for an all out Italian fest. Pizza, pastas, dessert, red wine! From there it was onto Finnerty’s (naturally), where by surprise the Birdman writing team showed up with their Oscars to be passed around. We took a lot of photos, and holy cow is that thing heavy!

Saturday morning started off right with bagels. Then onto the New Museum, for a crazy exhibition and some amazing views of NYC. Next stop, a hot chocolate festival for some super thick and creamy hot chocolate and a giant homemade marshmallow! Then back to Stephs to change, and to the friends AirBnB for cheese and crackers. Then we went to Drag Bingo! Which was so fun, everyone was so into it. Alex won the raffle but we were all just one square shy of Bingo several times over. I guess we have to go back until we win! Afterwards we grabbed a slice, romped through the neighborhoods not finding any bar we liked so what to do then? Go back to Finns of course! On the walk back to Stephs we decided to grab some deli for a late night snack. When in Rome, am I right?

Sunday morning we went to brunch at Northern Spy Co, which was fantastic and then took off for DC because of the weather. The drive home was nuts, at one point I realized the windshield wipers we so loud because they had turned into ice cubes! What a mess. But it was all worth it! Until next time NYC (see you next week!)




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I cannot believe it is the end of February. The time to blog has completely disappeared. I blame it all on work…in a good way! I am really enjoying my job and have so many more opportunities now. This year I’ve had great events at a gallery, and a yoga studio for the SRS. With the Friends I’ve had a private curator led tour at Tudor Place. Next month I will be traveling to NYC for Asia Week, and the month after that to Atlanta! There are challenges, but I’m glad not to be bored at work anymore!

It’s hard to even remember what I have done in the past two months. There are a few highlights. January 26 Anthony and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary at Le Diplomate! I’ve been to happy hour with friends from grad school, a friend of a friend from SF – who is now a new friend, danced all night at a 30th birthday party, played a lot of Settlers of Catan, had a snow day, should have had a few more snow days, celebrated my first married Valentines Day, and attended a going away party for a fellow FC Cat!

Tonight I head up to NYC!!! Alex, one of my closest friends from high school is in town, and I will be staying with Steph! The girls from DC are coming with me, Kevin is coming down, and by pure luck another college friend Fish will be in town! It is sure to be a ridiculously fun weekend. I am beyond excited.

I’m hoping to do more (and better) blogging soon. I do miss it. Until then….

Red Velvet

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Year in Review

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2014 – what a year! A lot of big changes happened for me in 2014.

I spent the first half of the year planning my wedding. I had an amazing bridal shower and an incredible bachelorette weekend. I was often overwhelmed by all the love that surrounded me and how many of my friends traveled for me. I saw two of my favorite people get married in May, and spent another great weekend surrounded by friends in LA. I had the best day of my life marrying my best friend on July 26, supported by our family and friends. Anthony and I went on a honeymoon to Hawaii and San Francisco, the perfect way to celebrate our union to go on a new adventure and visit the place we fell in love. I started a new career, one that I worked for, for many years! I spent the last half of the year learning, working hard and enjoying it!

It’s hard to imagine that 2015 could top this year, but if it’s half as good I’ll be very happy! I’ll be turning 30 so it is a landmark year. I do have a list of 30 before 30 goals, but no major new year resolutions. My biggest goal is to travel, and we already have a trip planned for Alaska!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Enjoy a glass of champagne and dance on some tables.

The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever


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