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Wedding Photos

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My absolutely amazing photographers who surpassed all expectations (and believe me as a fake photographer and devour-er of wedding blogs has high expectations), surprised us when they delivered all our wedding photos back to us, edited, beautiful, in less than a week. I was able to relive the wedding, fresh in my memory. It would be impossible for me to choose and post a few photos here, so instead I send you to their blog.


Wedding Day – July 26, 2014

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My and Anthony’s wedding day was the best day of my life. After months of planning, all the small details and organization, money and time spent all paid off. It may be cliche, but it is true! I loved every minute of the wedding and really made an effort to be present and soak in every moment. I was so happy to see so many people I loved, and was taken aback that they were all there for us. It was an overwhelming day and filled with so much love, I could not ask for anything more.

The morning started out a bit hairy. I woke up (not bright) and early. It was raining, and raining hard. From the 10 day forecast on it said that it was going to rain at some points during the week and weekend but never once did it say it was going to rain on Saturday. I had a brief moment to myself to freak out, then calm down before the day started. At 8am I had my first knock at the door and it was both Courtney and Thea, the hair stylist for the day. I stayed in bed and my PJs for awhile while breakfast was delivered and more people arrived. The morning was spent with bridesmaids in hair and make up chairs. Tilly came and hung out for awhile, and received lots of presents for being the best flower girl ever! My photographers arrived, and I asked them if they thought it was going to rain all day and they said no. It was the first time I believed it, since I know they watch the radar and wouldn’t lie to me to make me feel better!

Ian delivered my gift from Anthony, a new Marc Jacob’s watch! Tilly loved it, and asked to try it on and then told me that my prince (which she called Anthony Prince Tony the whole weekend), told her that she could have my watch. She is so cute she almost got away with it! I had my gift sent up to him, personalized cleats. What else? We had lunch delivered and it was my time for hair and make up! Both ladies were incredible and made everyone look amazing. I gave the bridesmaids their gifts, a personalized hanger with their name as well as a Kate Spade clutch to use for the night. It was finally time for the bridesmaids to put on their dresses and head out for the venue.

Side note – I made a “wedding document” that consisted of all the Google docs I had created for the wedding that included everything from the detailed day of timeline to seating chart to bus list. I also had a giant day of emergency kit, which we actually broke into more than I expected! You can never be too prepared.

We arrived to the venue as early as we were allowed so we could take as many pictures as possible before the wedding. I got into my dress, and we had our getting ready shots. Kacey started crying the second I stepped into my dress and didn’t stop until the next day! Having known her since we were 8 years old, I can imagine it is so emotional and I don’t know how I am going to handle myself at her wedding next month. Brittany was solid in helping me with all the details from doing my bustle to handing out tips and making sure I was okay. Steph was a ton of fun and kept me feeling light and happy. Courtney, where would I be without her? I didn’t have to worry because she was there doing it for me. I did a first look with my dad. He had no idea what my dress looked like so that was a lot of fun. Then it was time for the real first look! There Anthony was, standing with his back to me as I headed out to see each other for the first time on our wedding day. Everything felt perfect. We took pictures together, pictures with our wedding party and then had time to relax in the bridal room while the venue and vendors made everything perfect. 

Finally it was time for the ceremony. I heard the music for the bridal party walking out and watched them leave one by one. I waited in the back with my dad and as Anna told us to take our time and cherish those moments, and we did. The music changed to my Debussy, and we walked out together. I saw everyone stand, and saw Alex and Steph Thiel and Julia and Jeffrey standing so tall. My dad shook Anthony’s hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek and handed me off.

The ceremony was perfect. Leslie did such an incredible job, and it was special having her up there – someone who has known us through our whole relationship and watched it grow. Thomas did our reading, which was perfect since I consider him equally my and Anthony’s friend. And of course you want your one friend with an accent doing your reading! Courtney sang and Ian played the guitar to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. That was the moment I lost it. I had it altogether and hadn’t gotten too emotional, but the second they started and I could see my families face in the front row watching them, that was it. I have some nice ugly crying pictures! I took a deep breath, got my handkerchief out of my pocket (yes my dress had pockets!), and got myself back together. 

Our unity section was a hand ceremony. Leslie asked us to hold hands and told us about what our hands will go through in our lives. From wiping away tears, holding children, giving support, it was beautiful. Leslie gave the marriage address and we exchanged our own written vows and then traditional vows where we said I Do. Our written vows we had not shared with each other before, but Leslie had read. They ended up working out perfectly and mixing so well. I think it gave everyone a chance to hear how much we love each other. With that it was the exchange of rings! Where I had a minor speech slip up which made both Anthony and Leslie laugh at me!  “I give you this uh-ring”. A moment to remember! With that, the ceremony was over! We had our first kiss as a married couple and walked up the aisle to I Wish They All Could Be California Girls, which was so much fun! I turned to the crowd and everyone was waving their ribbon wands. It was such a sight to behold! I was overcome with happiness as we walked up the aisle through the ribbons and onward.

The cocktail hour took place on the lawn while we did family formal photographs. We finished early and could join the crowd. Everything looked beautiful. The lawn games of bocce and the corn hole were being used. People were enjoying the many drinks we had, which included Bud Light, Franzenkaner, and Heavy Seas IPA. We had Chardonay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir. We also had Pimm’s Cup as the specialty cocktail to go along with the London theme, and Kevin was amazing in providing Mead! It was Martha Washington’s recipe and perfect for a summer day. 

Dinner was next and we were introduced under the tent as Mr and Mrs Anthony Kellaher! Food was fantastic, though I wasn’t even hungry I ate. I think I was just too excited. My father’s toast was touching. I didn’t care how long it was, I could have sat there and listened to him talk all day. My sister’s speech was amazing and touching. Then the best men, Stu and Andy had an equally hilarious and sweet toast. It is fun to have people say nice things about you all day! We snuck away for a bit to take a few more pictures and had time to talk to some of the tables. 

Then it was time for the first dance. This was the part I was most nervous about – second to reading my vows. Anthony and I cut down a lot from our classes (as our teacher was insane), but we threw in a few turns and cuddle moves. It was a lot of fun. Next was my dance with my dad, which was choreographed from walk out to final bow. We did a fox trot with a small swing section in the middle. He has been working for a couple months on it with my mom, I learned it less than two days earlier. I think in the end we got all the moves, there was one part I blanked and had to let him lead me to the next step. Those two dances were my favorite parts of the night, if I could repeat just those few minutes I would! I think my dad and I surprised people with our dance. I know he did an incredible job, and my parents have found a new hobby! They continue to take class even now that the wedding is over.

Then the dance floor opened up. And it was wild! The DJ is incredible and kept everyone dancing all night long. As our photographers said, they had never seen anything like it. Not just the number of people dancing, but the amount of good dancers on the floor. From my actual dancer friends like Alex, Brittany and Kacey to my dance party friends like Erin and Julia to the crazy antics of Kevin, Jeff and Emmett to the perimeter dancers like Dan C and James U. At one point I looked over and Dave was jumping rope with his tie! There was double dutch and a high kick competition and the night ended with a big circle around us, finished off by a round of high fives and a lot of bows. We were all sweaty, happy and not wanting the night to end. I have never had so much fun in my life. It didn’t hurt either that the playlist was all my favorite songs from a Kesha medley to Britney, Justin, and some old hits like Valerie! 

We all left the venue and met back up at the hotel bar. From there, Kevin’s room. Anthony and I stayed up with some of the final people until 3am. We didn’t want the night to end, clearly! 

Sunday, we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant so people could drop in and say goodbye on their way out of town. 

It was an incredible night. The best ever in my life. I love everyone who came, who was involved and helped and gave their support to the two of us. It wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of them! 

All You Need is Love!

Leading up to the Wedding, and Rehearsal

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The final few days leading up to the wedding were great. I didn’t have a ton to do so I was able to enjoy spending time with Ian, as well as hanging out with Brittany and family.

Wednesday, I had my hair fixed – it wasn’t quite right from my earlier appointment. I swear it wasn’t a bridezilla moment, the hair stylist just didn’t put toner on and the color wasn’t blending.

Thursday, I packed up the car with Ian and we went to pick up my dress from the bridal salon. And then onto Annapolis to check into the hotel. We got there earlier than the rest of my family who was arriving in from CA, so we walked around downtown and got some ice cream. We had dinner at the hotel, and a few more friends arrived! It was so fun hanging out with Mary, Josh, Tilly, Courtney, Kacey and Jordan, Ian and Anthony. It was just like when we were kids, but now with our spouses!

Friends after all these years

Friends after all these years

Friday, my family plus the Pendleton’s had breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Cafe. Then my mom and Aunt Erica took me and Kacey to pick up Steph from the bus stop in Baltimore. Together we went to the jewelers to have my rings cleaned and ready for the big day. We also picked up snacks and drinks at Target. Then everyone got ready for the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went really well. We started out by standing in a circle and all introducing ourselves and everyone told us briefly how they knew us. It was wild to see all these important people standing together in once place. It was then that I knew it was real!

The rehearsal dinner was held at Carroll’s Creek in Annapolis. Cocktail hour was out on the dock and the dinner was held in a room with big windows facing the water and the sunset. The food was amazing, and we were surprised with cake pops that were designed with logos from the FC Cats, Anaheim Ducks, and Arsenal.

Afterwards, we met up with friends that were in town early. Again, so amazing seeing so many people from different parts of our lives in one room. I reluctantly went to bed before midnight to get my beauty rest. It was hard to fall asleep because I was so excited.

Rehearsal Group

Rehearsal Group

The last few days

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It has been a busy and exciting last few days.

Saturday I got my hair cut and colored. Then Anthony, Courtney, Ian and I went to the flower farm to look at what will be used for filler flowers. I love going there, mostly because there are always kittens! This time there were three who were so cute! I will have to keep going back after the wedding to visit.We had lunch at Fat Boys Crab Shack, which is super delicious. Afterwards, we drove around Annapolis to check out the free parking situation for everyone coming to the wedding and went to Toys R Us for Rhett’s birthday presents. It is amazing how many toys there are.  Then we all went over to Crofton to hang out with Rhett and have dinner together.

Sunday, Anthony and I went to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I did serious serious damage there and could have kept going. I bought two pairs of boots, a suit, work pants, work blouses, a skirt, jeans, and a couple sweaters. I spent the afternoon wrapping more gifts, and finishing packing. For dinner, Anthony and I took Ian to Bistro Bohem. It is the only Czech restaurant in DC and Ian talked to the waitress in Czech. I didn’t understand a word (except dekuji!), but the food was delicious.

Monday, I had physical therapy and everything is getting a lot better. I bought a foam roller for my IT band and it is helping a lot. I took Ian to one of his meetings at Big Bear Cafe. Anthony and I went to pick up his wedding suit from the tailor! Ian, Anthony and I then went out to Crofton to swim and eat by the pool for Rhett’s birthday, and have cake and presents at the house. All of his toys are so cool! Being 5 is awesome.

Today I am working from home because my wedding necklace is arriving in the mail from Alex! I preordered lunch for me and the bridesmaids Saturday, and confirmed with a few more vendors. My list has now shrunk to just three items which includes picking up my wedding dress on Thursday.

Brittany arrives tonight with her family! I cannot wait to see little Chloe who turns 1 years old today!!!

Czech Food!

Czech Food!


One Week!

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In just one week from today, Anthony and I will be in Annapolis getting ready for our rehearsal dinner. I still can’t quite believe it is happening, even after 14 months of being engaged. Ian is already in town, which makes everything seem more real. I am very excited, more excited than nervous at this point. People have been asking if I am nervous for months now and I’m really not. I don’t know if that is because I am (overly) prepared, or that I’m just thrilled to finally get married to my best friend. I’ve been trying to not talk about the wedding to friends and family too much. I constantly read about how brides should think about others and be sure to ask how things are going in others lives before you launch into a boring talk on trying to figure out the perfect math for the number of slices of cake. But with one week left I plan to soak it up and talk it out! Because in just a week and a day I won’t have that option anymore.

Being a “hurry up and wait” kind of a person, I have already packed, wrapped gifts and contacted all the vendors for a final check in. All I have left to do is pick up the dress and drive to the hotel…which unfortunately I can’t do yet. Or I could….sitting in a hotel for a week does sound nice.

With Ian in town we have gone to Nando’s Peri Peri, in the pouring rain on Tuesday, BBQ’d in my backyard on Wednesday, and went to District of Pi last night. Tonight we are going to the Nats game where I plan to introduce him to either Shake Shack or the delicious Hard Times chili nachos! The rest of my family arrives next Thursday and will be here for a week!

I am hoping that I can soak everything up, take everything in, relax, have a great time and not have that “it all passed by in a blur” type of wedding day. I know once it comes it will go quicker than I want to, but I’m going to try my best to hold it all in for as long as possible.

That being said, I made a “Wedding Document” which is 16 pages long. It encompasses everything from my Google Docs I’ve been creating. It has the timeline, the photographers timeline, contact sheet for vendors and wedding party to name a few. It also has the seating chart, bus list and basically everything you could need. I printed off five copies and put them in to notebooks, I sent one to my day of planner and then to my mom and aunt. My aunt’s response was, “I love love love this, I am highlighting my parts” and my mom’s response was “OMG”. (Guess who I am more like?). On my daily phone call with my mom that night when I asked her what she thought of my document she said. I just want to you breathe, relax and know that if not everything goes exactly according to your document it will be okay. Things will work out, you’ve done all you can. And with her saying that, I am truly starting to believe it. I’ve made all the decisions I made, and I have to trust that they are all the right decisions and they will work out just fine.

I’ll let you know if they do in a couple weeks.


More Engagement Photos

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Anthony and I met with our new photographers last week to take more engagement photos! Even though we told them we already had the best photos ever, they insisted that this will help us get to know each other before the wedding. And more importantly, get to know how they work as photographers  and see what poses we like/don’t like  so we are prepped for the wedding day.

It was so muggy out, my hair was sticking to me all over the place. We rushed there after Anthony was held at work late. But it all turned out amazing. They are incredible ladies and so great to work with, I know the wedding day will be a breeze! All photos are on their blog here.

Here are a few of my favorites.









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I had the most amazing bachelorette party ever.

I had a great group of friends travel to Philadelphia for a jam packed weekend. Two traveled from the Bay Area, one from LA, two from NY and the rest from DC. The weekend was amazingly planned by my sister/Maid of honor as well as Kevin, the most amazing person ever. To sum up the weekend it was full of eating sandwiches, drinking, history and art. These are a few of my favorite things…

To get into detail…

We all arrived to the Union League Friday late afternoon. Kevin made a special trip to the best hoagie shop I know and we all chowed down in my suite on sandwiches and pasta salads. Then we headed out to Frankford Hall, a biergarten for huge steins of beer, pretzels and sausages. It was perfect weather for sitting outdoors. Afterwards we went to a 90’s dance party at Barbary. So ridiculously fun dancing to NSYNC, Britney, TLC, Hanson, Blink and all the 90’s greats. We tore ourselves away from the bar to head back to the hotel to get some rest because Saturday we were on a schedule!


  1. We woke up super early to have breakfast at Reading Terminal. This included the most delicious donut on earth (for 90 cents) and a breakfast sandwich that brought me back to life.
  2. Docent lead tour of the Barnes Foundation. My masters in art history and museum studies mind was on overdrive. Everyone should watch The Art of the Steal on play instant netflix immediately.
  3. Battle of the Cheese steaks at Pat’s and Geno’s. Some say Geno’s is better for the bread, some say they like the way Pat’s cuts their meats. It is a battle that may never end.
  4. Historic Philadelphia. We went from a tour of Christ Church cemetery, threw a penny on Franklin’s Grave, took a picture at the cat fountain outside of Betsy Ross’s house, walked down Elfreth’s Alley, sat for a Historic Bench reenactment, toured Christ Church inside, took a tour of Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell….all the history.
  5. We were allowed a break to go back to the hotel to rest, shower and change for dinner!
  6. Delicious cocktails at XIX-Nineteen and a view of the city and setting sun

Saturday night dinner gets it’s own paragraph. We went to The Farm and Fisherman. Set up by Kevin. It is BYOB – all wine perfectly picked by Kevin. We had the tasting menu and shared all the appetizers and first courses and ordered our own main course. Anthony was amazing and called ahead to have all the desserts delivered to us at the end of the meal. The most amazing part was each friend saying a few words or sharing a story about me. We cried, we laughed, we toasted our glasses together and had the best meal of my life.

Post dinner we continued the party in the hotel suite. I couldn’t ask for a better day.


We went to brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe. Another BYOB spot. Everyone’s food was giant and delicious. The stuffed french toast is worthy of an epic poem. From there we toured the Eastern State Penitentiary, which sounds weird but is the East Coast version of Alcatraz. It was actually very cool to see. Then we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on a whirlwind tour of all their most famous paintings. They have so much it was hard to not stop in every room! We went back to the hotel to sadly part ways. The cars driving back to DC stopped off at Tony Luke’s for one last cheese steak….can you blame us?

We did everything we could do, and ate everything we could eat.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

The Group

The Group


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